Because we know that also the best things can be still done better.

The editorial activities of iAdverti are mostly oriented towards the children’s readers of e-books. The appliances like iPad or iPhone are designed to change the future view of the paper books.

We know how the future of books looks like.

The e-books tell stories, the illustrations move around, the story becomes more attractive and therefore the e-books push the borderlines of the reader even further.

This year, in collaboration with the publishing house “Modré na bielom” we prepared for the owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod several titles of e-books which will definitely be the decoration of each iPad or iPhone.

In the edition CREATIVE BOOKS we continue editing the original titles, which teach the children in preschool but also school education to acquire the creative thinking and new art techniques.

In the edition FOR THE FIRST TIME we are preparing the titles which have never been edited not even in paper version and therefore we offer a great opportunity for publishing to the beginning authors and illustrators.

In edition MAGICAL FAIRY TALES we continue editing the classical fairy tales in a completely remade design and multimedia environment with new original illustrations prepared directly for the visualization and interactivity of appliances iPad, iPhone and iPod.