BeCreative is the best game app exercising creativity and developing innovative thinking available on the AppStore. Educational, easy-to-use, and extremely versatile.

BeCreative is appropriate for all six to ninety-nine year-old children who love to build, create, innovate, and put together forms with the most unexpected combinations.

The app represents a new level of interactive entertainment, brilliantly and playfully developing your child’s mind and imagination. It encourages children and adults alike to think and solve problems creatively and explore countless possibilities and combinations.

BeCreative allows its users of all artistic skill levels to unleash their creativity and imagination.

Show off your BeCreative masterpieces and become a world-renowned artist!
BeCreative allows you to choose your background, select countless objects, play music, and create unique images you can instantly share with your friends.
iAdverti hopes you and your friends enjoy this powerful and versatile educational game app. You will be amazed by everything the game has to offer.

More about BeCreative Home Edition:

  • Build and create unique images in a horizontal or vertical mode.
  • Choose from 26 unique and sleek HQ backgrounds created especially for the game’s iPad version.
  • Explore and use 10 BOXES filled with interesting objects (a total of 59 objects) that can be used in countless combinations when creating your image.
  • SAVE and/or LOAD your WORK PROGRESS allows you to go back to your saved image and perfect it even more.
  • You can save your image in the iPhoto Library or send it as an email. When sending by email a CC to will be in place for you if you want to share your creation with us and show it to the world through our web gallery. (Future competition may take place).
  • Use the sample image gallery to inspire you and unlock your imagination.

COMING SOON! BeCreative Food Edition, BeCreative Fruits & Vegetables Edition, and BeCreative Nature Edition.